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 A little something for you

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PostSubject: A little something for you   Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:25 pm

Click this, then return to here to follow along

*I begin at :16 seconds into the beat, rapping fast, and even faster at moments using double, and 1/2 bars*

" Here's a little story 'bout my peeps halo, holidae, and lyra. Can you imagine what it'd be like if they weren't even near yah? Can you fathom how dull and boring it'd suddenly be? If these three chicks just only existed in the metaphorical sense, or theoretically? But thank the Lord they don't. Dismiss that thought entirely. Let them reign forever- let them spread the joys and hopes they give to everyone so unselfishly- Bless their days upon the Earth. God give'm the strength they need- every day a new found smile, and a new rebirth." *faster paced* "Keep'em in your hand- a solid rock upon for them to stand- no more mountains to climb- but a peaceful valley in an even more peaceful land. Steady their feet when we're not around- pave their roads with gold- let'em discovery all the blessings you got in store to be found. Part the shadows tryin' to creep over their heads- drive the viper from their foot steps- let'em be surrounded by all of us, all the true crews that they've given so much for- with the inner strength they've all led. Tears might have to be shed- blood to be bled- sweat from the brow, can't figure out how- another bright horizon is soon over that hill. Listen to me still- sometimes the levy just gotta break, and the flood waters spill. But I can promise it's gonna be o.k.- soon you'll see what I'm rappin', you'll get to that valley on a blue, cloudless day. Yah might wonder now what I'm talkin' about- Yah might stress inside- jugglin' a doubt- Yah might just wanna hide, pull your hair by the roots, or find a mountain to climb so yah can scream and shout." *fastest pace* "But believe me when I tell yah we've all been there before- you three have sat right beside us and you've opened the door- you've given us all a kind heart- a warm hugs- and a wide, open ear. So never mind tomorrow, dismiss all the fear- and if yah need to, kick back, relax, have a good smoke, and an ice cold beer. I ain't the only one to feel it- I ain't the only one to deal it- I just wanna put down in words my attempt at a gushy, lyrical verse- we love yah, we need yah, and we all keep yah in our prayers, guys. Thank you for your sacrifice."
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tilted halo

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PostSubject: Re: A little something for you   Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:49 pm

giggles as i stand up on my seat and do cat calls...lil fingers snapping to the beat...ducks as panties fly over my head to hit the stage...

You are such a welcome joy to lyra and is true when i say that she and i seem to find the best friends and You have become part of our family...our hearts...luvs ya bunches
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A little something for you
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